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The portability and stability of Toledo Aerial Media drones provide the perfect platform to conduct inspections and monitoring of a variety of elevated subjects. We operate at safe distances from target structures and utilize a variety of visual spectrum and thermal cameras to capture high-quality photos and video. A live feed of the drone’s viewpoint is also available for real-time review by inspectors. Keeping workers safe on the ground while still giving them a detailed, close proximity look at the targeted structures minimize the risk and decreases overall inspection time.


Smoke Stack Monitoring

Discover any damage that could be detrimental to proper operation of flare or smoke stacks including piping, structural defects, and more.

Transmission Tower Inspections

Examination of metal towers is made easier, and safer, from an aerial platform. We capture high-resolution photos and can also provide emergency support.

Windmill Inspections

Windmills and wind turbines are a critical source of renewable energy, which require regular inspection that’s made easier from the safety of the ground.

Cell Phone Tower Inspections

Cell phone towers can be regularly and effectively inspected with a drone. High-resolution photo and video highlights potential issues for maintenance crews.

Powerline Monitoring

Drones are agile and effective for examining the large expanses that power lines can cover, while keeping inspection personnel safe on the ground.

Bridge Inspections

Examining the structural integrity of bridges in real-time is made easier and safer through the use of aerial drone platforms.


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If you’re interested in discussing the benefits of aerial inspections for your company, we’re ready to hear from you! Drop us a line at contact@toledoaerialmedia.com or give us a call directly at 419-407-6391.