Aerial Data Collection. Simplified

Aerial Mapping

Toledo Aerial Media’s mapping drones provide an ideal flight platform for fast and detailed aerial data acquisition. We operate at altitudes up to 400 feet and utilize the latest technology and high-resolution cameras to collect the accurate data you need to make informed decisions



Georeferenced mapping with the latest imagery perfect for measurements, construction planning, accident scene analysis, and more


Current and accurate topographic capture ideal for revealing features of specific tracts of land through digital terrain and elevation modeling

NDVI Analysis

Normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) mapping is an effective tool used in the determination of plant and crop health from the air

3D Modeling

Three-dimensional mapping provides detailed and exact representations of features (structures, natural characteristics) in a particular location


Our aerial mapping process starts with capturing imagery of a locale. Then we process images into complete, usable maps that are prepared for analysis and, if needed, ground truthing on site. These aerial maps are to scale and allow for accurate measurements, annotations, project progress tracking, and more.

Toledo Aerial Drone Mapping Toledo Aerial Drone Mapping Toledo Aerial Drone Mapping


We’re happy to discuss how we can help you with our aerial mapping capabilities. To get started, simply drop us a line at or call (419) 407-6391.