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Aerial Photography

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Taking to the skies with state of the art drone technology, Toledo Aerial Media uses extremely capable, agile, and safe platforms to take beautiful 4K high-definition (HD) images from an elevated and unique perspective.

Still Photography

An aerial view completely changes perspective of the target and captures it in a whole new eye-catching way

Time Lapse

Capturing many frames of a scene over a period of time reveals motion in the sequence that isn’t captured in still photography

Progress Photos

Projects, landscapes, and more can be captured multiple times over an extended period of time to review before and after progression

We offer professional aerial photography services for print media, websites, marketing, advertising, and more. Contact us to discuss your project.

Aerial Photography

Aerial drone photography can add a fresh new perspective to your marketing collateral. Drone-based aerial photography can complement your marketing package, giving your marketing materials a more comprehensive look.