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Using the latest video camera technology, Toledo Aerial Media captures stunning, ultra high-quality footage over land, sea, and air aboard our safe and stable unmanned aircraft systems.

With unmatched maneuverability and stability, drones provide an ideal platform for aerial videography. Our varied fleet has the perfect airborne tool for your project and our certified remote pilots can fly through, above, and around their target at varying speeds and altitudes to achieve the perfect cinematic perspective. From establishing and reveal shots to elevation and orbit, we pilot aerial and ground-based cameras throughout the skies to capture the video you need.


Superior Quality

We capture aerial video in stunning high-resolution formats including RAW 4K lossless, 1080p, and beyond

Exceptional Stabilization

Our cameras are perfectly balanced to capture crisp visuals during flight with leading gimbal stabilization technology

Camera & Lens Options

Each shoot demands specific equipment and our fleet carries a variety of camera and lens combinations

Cinematic Control

Many of our platforms, including the heavy lifters, are dual operator ready (one pilot operating the drone, another handling camera control)

Aerial Videography

Take your next video project to new heights with experienced UAS operators that can handle the most advanced camera systems. Aerial drone videography is providing new perspectives for the smallest video projects to large productions.