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Perfect for agricultural companies, farmers, and farmland owners, Toledo Aerial Media offers high-resolution aerial images, mapping, and videography captured with cutting-edge aerial drone technology carrying the latest high-resolution cameras.

Our detailed, high-quality imagery helps streamline agriculture management processes, inspect crop health, analyze elevations, estimate volume counts, record farm machinery in action, capture the planting, growing, harvesting season, and more. This is great for marketing promotions, demonstrations, documentation, or even as a gift for that farmer in your life!

Agriculture Photo & Video

Visualize the different aspects of the farming process from the air, from cultivators and combines to planters and fertilizers, we can capture it all

NDVI Crop Mapping

Using a specialized normalized difference vegetation index camera, we capture crop (plant) health visualizations which help farmers analyze their fields

Crop & Land Scouting

From a bird’s eye view, we provide expansive views of farmland and crops that can be used for promoting your farm, inspecting future purchases, and more

Elevation & Volume Mapping

Our drone technology is well-suited for analyzing elevations across a field (in preparation for tile drainage, etc) and estimating the volume of material stacks

Precision Agriculture Through Aerial Drone Imagery

Aerial media and mapping provides a huge advantage when it comes to managing farmland. With high-resolution aerial acquisition, our drone technology is highly effective and more affordable than manned aircraft solutions, which makes it easy to add aerial data and imagery to your agricultural management toolbox. From evaluating fertilizer effectiveness to identifying problem areas before they become readily visible on the ground, drones offer big benefits to farmers and agricultural companies.


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We’re happy to discuss how we can help you with our aerial mapping capabilities. To get started, simply drop us a line at or call (419) 407-6391.