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We are professional remote pilots and drone specialists,

so you can rest assured when working with Toledo Aerial Media

With the rapid rise of the drone industry over the last year, the amount of businesses entering the marketplace and offering aerial services has increased exponentially. Much more goes into operating a professional, high-quality, safety-conscious drone company than simply purchasing and flying a drone. We take great pride in offering premier aerial drone services for our clients!

Six reasons you should work with Toledo Aerial Media

Certified, Insured, & Exempted

Our team is made up of FAA Certified remote pilots. In addition, we carry a $3 mil aeronautical ins. policy, a $1 mil dollar vehicle policy, hold a FAA 333 exemption for commercial ops and a FAA night time waiver.

Aerial Experts

We live and breathe drones! Our business is centered on aerial media and data acquisition, so we’re well-versed in UAV technology, the National Airspace System, and safe operation.

Full-Time Remote Pilots

This isn’t a side gig for us. We operate full-time which means more flight experience, more available time for projects, and a sole focus on providing the very best aerial services.

We Invest In You

Our expansive drone fleet is comprised of a variety of platforms including industrial heavy lifters, professional dual-operator aerial camera rigs, the latest imaging technology, and more.

Years of RC Experience

Long before the rise of drones, the team was very accustomed to radio-controlled vehicles. We’ve spent many hours operating anything from RC planes and helicopters, to boats and cars.

Worldwide Availability

We currently work with clients across the United States. Our fleet is portable (and airline friendly), so we can come to you, even when that means leaving our home territory in the Midwest.

So, what’s next? We’d love to hear from you! Give us a call at 419-407-6391 and let’s chat about your project. (Or feel free to send us an email.)